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Warning Signs of Meth Use


If you suspect that someone you love is using meth, but you're just not convinced, read on. Teenagers are moody individuals and they are as unpredictable as the day is long. Because of that it may be harder to tell with a teen. No matter what their age, there are warning signs to watch for.


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MAP / The Meth Alliance of Paulding is a community organization comprised of representatives from all aspects of Paulding County.


We have business people, law enforcement, a mayor, a state representative, lawyers, judges, PTA members, and people just like you who are concerned about what methamphetamine is doing to our county, state, and country.


The stated purpose of MAP is to organize, lead, support and coordinate citizens and professionals in an effort to end methamphetamine in Paulding County, Georgia through volunteer, community-based prevention programs, treatment programs, advocacy and increased public awareness and education and legislative efforts.


  • 75% of users are addicted to methamphetamine the first time they try it.
  • 35% of Georgia teens see little or no risk to trying the drug.
  • 21% of Georgia teens believe there are specific benefits to methamphetamine, such as weight loss.
  • $1.3 Billion is spent by Georgia taxpayers, each year, due to meth abuse.


Don't Let Methamphetamine Ruin Your Life, or the Life of a Loved One!

We're here to inform you of what methamphetamine is and what you can do to get rid of it in our community. Take a look around the site and come see us at one of our monthly meetings or community events. Let's all join together to eradicate meth in Paulding County.

Celebrate Recovery 404-312-2626
Meets at Hiram First Baptist Church @ Bellamy Funeral Home Friday nights @ 7pm


Reformers Unanimous Addictions Program
Meets each Friday night at 7pm
White Oak Springs Baptist Church
139 White Oak Church Rd
Dallas, Ga 30157

Phone 770-445-7382; Website:

RU Director: Rich Fulton
(Cell: 770-362-4503)


RU offers the following:  Teaching sessions, Full range curriculum, Motivational awards, Free personal counseling, Exciting Children’s program (bring your kids, they will be well cared for!), and Multiple sessions per week Friday at 7pm and Sunday at 10am